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Conference championship (outright)
Conference championship (tie)
National championship

20174-2Pac 12Kyle Whittingham
20169-4Pac 126th23Foster Farms Bowl26 - 24 WKyle Whittingham
201510-3Pac 123rd (tie)17Las Vegas Bowl35 - 28 WKyle Whittingham
20149-4Pac 126th (tie)21Las Vegas Bowl45 - 10 WKyle Whittingham
20135-7Pac 1210thKyle Whittingham
20125-7Pac 129thKyle Whittingham
20118-5Pac 126th (tie)Sun Bowl30 - 27 WKyle Whittingham
201010-3Mountain West2ndLas Vegas Bowl3 - 26 LKyle Whittingham
200910-3Mountain West3rd18Poinsettia Bowl37 - 27 WKyle Whittingham
200813-0Mountain West1st2Sugar Bowl31 - 17 WKyle Whittingham
20079-4Mountain West3rd (tie)Poinsettia Bowl35 - 32 WKyle Whittingham
20068-5Mountain West3rd (tie)Armed Forces Bowl25 - 13 WKyle Whittingham
20057-5Mountain West4th (tie)Emerald Bowl38 - 10 WKyle Whittingham
200412-0Mountain West1st4Fiesta Bowl35 - 7 WKyle Whittingham
200310-2Mountain West1st21Liberty Bowl17 - 0 WUrban Meyer
20025-6Mountain West5th (tie)Ron McBride
20018-4Mountain West3rd (tie)Las Vegas Bowl10 - 6 WRon McBride
20004-7Mountain West5th (tie)Ron McBride
19999-3Mountain West1st (tie)Las Vegas Bowl17 - 16 WRon McBride
19987-4Western Athletic3rd (tie)Ron McBride
19976-5Western Athletic2nd (tie)Ron McBride
19968-4Western Athletic2nd (tie)Copper Bowl10 - 38 LRon McBride
19957-4Western Athletic1st (tie)Ron McBride
199410-2Western Athletic2nd (tie)10Freedom Bowl16 - 13 WRon McBride
19937-6Western Athletic4th (tie)Freedom Bowl21 - 28 LRon McBride
19926-6Western Athletic5th (tie)Copper Bowl28 - 31 LRon McBride
19917-5Western Athletic4thRon McBride
19904-7Western Athletic7thRon McBride
19894-8Western Athletic7thJim Fassel
19886-5Western Athletic5thJim Fassel
19875-7Western Athletic7thJim Fassel
19862-9Western Athletic9thJim Fassel
19858-4Western Athletic2ndJim Fassel
19846-5-1Western Athletic4th (tie)Chuck Stobart
19835-6Western Athletic6th (tie)Chuck Stobart
19825-6Western Athletic6thChuck Stobart
19818-2-1Western Athletic3rdWayne Howard
19806-4-1Western Athletic4thWayne Howard
19796-6Western Athletic2nd (tie)Wayne Howard
19788-3Western Athletic2nd (tie)Wayne Howard
19773-8Western Athletic6th (tie)Wayne Howard
19763-8Western Athletic4thTom Lovat
19751-10Western Athletic6thTom Lovat
19741-10Western Athletic7thTom Lovat
19737-5Western Athletic3rdBill Meek
19726-5Western Athletic2nd (tie)Bill Meek
19713-8Western Athletic4th (tie)Bill Meek
19706-4Western Athletic3rdBill Meek
19698-2Western Athletic2ndBill Meek
19683-7Western Athletic5thBill Meek
19674-7Western Athletic4thMike Giddings
19665-5Western Athletic2nd (tie)Mike Giddings
19653-7Western Athletic5thRay Nagel
19649-2Western Athletic1st (tie)Liberty Bowl32 - 6 WRay Nagel
19634-6Western Athletic2nd (tie)Ray Nagel
19624-5-1Western Athletic5thRay Nagel
19616-4Skyline3rd (tie)Ray Nagel
19607-3Skyline3rdRay Nagel
19595-5Skyline4thRay Nagel
19584-7Skyline5thRay Nagel
19576-4Skyline1stJack Curtice
19565-5Skyline2ndJack Curtice
19556-3Skyline2ndJack Curtice
19544-7Skyline4th (tie)Jack Curtice
19538-2Skyline1stJack Curtice
19526-3-1Skyline1stJack Curtice
19517-4Skyline1stJack Curtice
19503-4-3Skyline4thJack Curtice
19492-7-1Skyline4thIke Armstrong
19488-1-1Skyline1stIke Armstrong
19478-1-1Mountain States1stIke Armstrong
19468-3Mountain StatesIke Armstrong
19454-4Mountain States3rdIke Armstrong
19445-2-1Mountain States3rdIke Armstrong
19430-7Mountain States2ndIke Armstrong
19426-3Mountain States1st (tie)Ike Armstrong
19416-0-2Mountain States1stIke Armstrong
19407-2Mountain States1stIke Armstrong
19396-1-2Mountain States2ndIke Armstrong
19387-1-2Mountain States1stSun Bowl26 - 0 WIke Armstrong
19375-3Rocky Mountain3rd (tie)Ike Armstrong
19366-3Rocky Mountain3rdIke Armstrong
19354-3-1Rocky Mountain3rdIke Armstrong
19345-3Rocky Mountain5thIke Armstrong
19335-3Rocky Mountain1stIke Armstrong
19326-1-1Rocky Mountain1stIke Armstrong
19317-2Rocky Mountain1stIke Armstrong
19308-0Rocky Mountain1stIke Armstrong
19297-0Rocky Mountain1stIke Armstrong
19285-0-2Rocky Mountain1stIke Armstrong
19273-3-1Rocky Mountain5thIke Armstrong
19267-0Rocky Mountain1stIke Armstrong
19256-2Rocky Mountain2nd (tie)Ike Armstrong
19243-4-1Rocky Mountain7thThomas Fitzpatrick
19234-3Rocky Mountain6thThomas Fitzpatrick
19227-1Rocky Mountain1stThomas Fitzpatrick
19213-2-1Rocky Mountain3rdThomas Fitzpatrick
19202-4-1Rocky Mountain5thThomas Fitzpatrick
19195-2Rocky Mountain2nd
19172-4Rocky Mountain6thNelson H. Nogren
19163-2Rocky Mountain4thNelson H. Nogren
19155-2Rocky Mountain2ndNelson H. Nogren
19143-3Rocky Mountain5thNelson H. Nogren
19132-4-1Rocky Mountain5thFred Bennion
19125-1-1Rocky Mountain2ndFred Bennion
19115-1-1Rocky Mountain2ndFred Bennion
19104-2Rocky Mountain4thFred Bennion
19094-1IndependentJoseph H. Maddock
19083-2-1IndependentJoseph H. Maddock
19074-2IndependentJoseph H. Maddock
19064-1IndependentJoseph H. Maddock
19056-2IndependentJoseph H. Maddock
19047-1IndependentJoseph H. Maddock
19033-5IndependentHarvey R. Holmes
19025-2-1IndependentHarvey R. Holmes
19013-1IndependentHarvey R. Holmes
19002-1IndependentHarvey R. Holmes
18992-1Charles Gatehouse
18981-1-1Benjamin Wilson
18971-5Byron Cummings
18963-2C.B. Ferris
18950-1Walter Shoup
18941-2Robert Harkness

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